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Birthdate:Dec 10
Location:Philadelphia, (states/regions/territories)

This journal is sometimes friends-only. If you'd like to read, please leave a comment on my most recent public posting.

I love taking pictures of stuff. It calls to me, the angles work. I also have natural storytelling skills, and if we meet, you'll likely experience them.... largely because i have a problem with not shutting the fuck up sometimes.

My face may seem familiar to you, but everyone i meet thinks they've met me before.

Based on my love of shiny!things, i must have been a magpie in another life.

I'm empathic enough to know what most people are feeling. It's possible to read it right off their body language and expressions. I've taught myself this, as it's important to me that my friends are okay. I know when they're lying about something; i can tell when they're not comfortable. Sometimes people are passive-aggressive about things that bother them, and i hate having to play games trying to ferret out the source issue. Please be honest. If you have a problem with me, *tell* me about it. Going and bitching about me to others doesn't resolve the issue.

I refuse to play passive-aggressive games. Brutal honesty is much more effective.

I dislike drama, and try my best to avoid getting entangled in it. However, often what others call "starting drama" is actually "telling someone that you're not going to take their bullshit". Simply put, drama is in the eye of the beholder.

Conflict avoidance is not drama-free.

There are many residents in the Emerald City. However, there is only one Wizard. I am that wizard. Jobs i've had, i'm always the fix-it person. The machines like me. I'm a highschool dropout, and i fix x-ray machines (and other medical equipment) for a living right now. It's tough to fake that, so i'm not doing too badly.

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ambient, androgyny, angelic layer, anime conventions, anne of green gables, aquabats, arcade tokens, arguing with inanimate objects, batman, bdsm, billboard liberation front, bjd, blade runner, bloom county, blue, bois, bondage, brilliance in unusual forms, chiwoo, conrail, cooking, copper, cowboy bebop, crunching through autumn leaves, cuddling, curry, daft punk, dojinshi, dollfies, dorks, electronica, empathy, ethical slut, existentialism, falling snow, fighting mediocrity, flea markets, fnord, free, galactic conquest, gender ambiguity, genderfuck, gir, glamourbombing, glen cook, grrls, hayao miyazaki, hedwig, industrial archeology, invader zim, irc, kaiju big battel, katherine kerr, kink, kissing, koyaanisqatsi, l m montgomery, laputa, laserdiscs, ld, legos, light rail, lightning, luts, manga, metal, metallurgy, model trains, monty python, mutual, my so-called life, neon, neon genesis evangelion, obeygiant, oingo boingo, old books, oral, otakon, outland, pansexual, penn central, petridish, philadelphia, philly, photography, play, poly, polyamory, porco rosso, purple, queer as folk, rain, ranma 1/2, rip cosplayfucks nevar forget, run lola run, rust, sailor moon, sapiosexuality, scaring the mundanes, scritchies, sd13, seme, serial experiments lain, sex, shoujo kakumei utena, silver, sleeping, slutty, smithy, snuggling, spelunking, spiderwebs, stargate, stargate sg-1, steampunk, storytelling, studio ghibli, studio splurd, subverting the dominant paradigm, suggestive cheesecake, super dollfies, sushi, techno, technocracy, thrift stores, thunderstorms, tim burton, tori amos, trains, trance, transgender, transit tokens, transqueer, trees, trolleys, twitchy cat dreams, uke, unconventional photography, urban exploration, used books, vinyl, where's george?, wind, wizard-of-speed-and-time, wosat, yaoi, yummy, yuri, , ♥∞
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